Hi! I'm Ashlee, a Personal Style Blogger

     I am Ashlee Oliver of Big World Huge Style. I'm a 30+ divorcee and mother of a son named Jackson, who likes to go by the names of Action Jackson and Jack Rabbit depending on what day and mood he's in. Lol. He's 5 and a very active boy. My time is usually taken up by the day to day tasks of raising him and working full time. I grew up in many places as a child due to my mom and stepdad being in the Army. I was however, primarily raised by my Maternal Grandmother and Great-Grandmother as well as my Paternal Grandparents. Through that upbringing, I learned to be very grounded and humbled as an adult. 


     As a child and into adulthood, I have traveled and lived many places. I have loved fashion since I was a child. I would describe my style as Southern Chic, to me it is a combination of the City and Country life that I was and still is exposed to. Being your average everyday on-the-go Mom, I'm inspired by everything that I see and have seen. It's a Big World out there and My Style is Huge. So, come along and see it through my eyes!

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