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Color Palette Styling

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

I decided to do Style Tips for Spring instead of just showing you an outfit and telling you where to get it or where to get something similar. I wanted to show you how to use a color palette to style your looks.

Spring is a time when light and bright colors are mostly desired, you can miss and match those colors as well. I use to always stick with light colors for spring until I realized that using color palettes would help me to enhance the colors in my wardrobe. First, make sure to define your style, know who you are and what you like. Having the opportunity to live in many places, my style has evolved into Southern Chic, it's Simple with a bit of Flare. Although my mood changes my look from day to day, my style still remains constant. You want to make sure to express yourself and be unique.

A color palette is somewhat of a shortcut to use while putting colors together that you would never have thought about before. In a color palette, you will have your Main, Neutral, and Accent colors. Let your Main colors be the colors you mostly wear and that you love, colors of your slacks, skirts, or jackets. These are the key pieces in your wardrobe. Your Neutral colors should be your blacks, whites, creams, or grays. Think of blouses, camisoles, tank tops, or even cardigans, just your basic wear. Now on to the Accent colors, which are my favorite. Those are the colors that will POP! I believe that you will find the best pop of color in shoes. Accessories and handbags can do it as well, but I love to make an outfit pop with shoes.

A great place to get a color palette is a paint store. You can pick out all of your favorite colors on test swatches and you can match them according to your favorite Main, Neutral, and Accents colors. For me, a simpler method is to use crayons on a sheet of white paper. Make sure to get the big 120 box. I know it's weird and sounds crazy, but I am a mom and I'm told that often. Lol. So, just think of it like this... you're reading this blog post because you want to learn some tips about Spring, right? Let's give it a try. Once you learn your favorite color palettes, you will be able to try different looks with your style.

Here's a look that may help. Below are some pictures of my Jessica Simpson Hot Pink Pumps and a Chadwick's Blazer that was given to me by a co-worker. A perk of being a Style Blogger is getting free clothes, plus she's had it for years and I am a lover of vintage pieces.

With these options, I hope that you were able to get some style inspiration and tips.

Always remember, Simplicity makes a Statement.


Ashlee O.

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