• Ashlee Oliver

Style Tip: Boots all Summer Long

Do you love boots like I do? I honestly like to wear them year round and I believe that you can too. All it takes is the right boot and you'll love them just like I do.

Boots and Dresses

Dresses go well with boots and you don't have to wear cowboy boots in order to pull the style off. Some people stick with the conventional way and feel as though it is always the Way to Go. I can be conventional and unconventional depending on the day. When it comes to dresses, wearing a shoe that pops is what I aim for. I am a shoe lover so majority of the time I like quirky shoes. To get away with the boots and dress theme I would suggest only wearing a dress that comes above the knee. Even if you have short or long legs, dresses that hit below the knee with booties can make your legs look short.

Boots and Skirts

This will sound weird, but if you decide that you want to try boots and a skirt, you can actually wear a longer skirt. In this case, I would suggest wearing an open toe bootie. It tends to give the illusion of long legs.

Boots and Shorts

Below is a simple look that I styled for boots and shorts. When wearing boots and shorts, you can switch up booties and go for a mid-calf boot. Because shorts are short (hence the name shorts lol) a taller boot can make your look stand out. I am all for standing out and making my personal style different.

With these options, I hope that you were able to get some style inspiration and tips.

Always remember, Simplicity makes a Statement.


Ashlee O.

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