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Sunday, January 1, 2017

I started this blog because I've always been into fashion and I wanted to let everyone know that you can find fashion anywhere. I am a frugal person. Some people may or may not know this about me. So when I shop I always make it a point to hit the sale's rack first. I don't like to shop at indoor malls unless I'm going to a specific store, even then I try to find the stores that I like at an Outdoor Mall. It's just something about shopping in a big crowded space.


I will not always discuss what I find at a store because that is not the center of my blog. This is about fashion as a whole, some finds may be expensive to you and some will be in your price range. I will also capture my fashion choices, you may like some of my outfits and you may not, hopefully you will find something you like.



Always remember. Fashion can come from anywhere.




It's a Big World so come along and see Style through my Eyes!





Ashlee O.

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